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No Need to Hack: Ikea Mail-Ready Basket

Now there’s no choice but to go…store-bought! – Marge Simpson Once upon a time, I cut up an Ikea magazine basket to make a hanging mail basket. This hack has held up surprisingly well. But if it starts to fall apart, it seems Ikea has me … Continue reading

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The Course of Tiled Walls Never Did Run Smooth

Marge: I have an idea. Homer: What? What’s your idea? Marge: When my father was first trying to catch my mother’s eye, he sent her a box of candy with his photo in it. After that, she never forgot him. … Continue reading

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Fixer Uppers: 5 Not-so-Easy Ways to Get the Look

Lisa: He’s just peddling a bunch of easy answers. Carl: And how! So I saw this on Pinterest: My initial reaction was, “BUY A FIXER UPPER AND PUT IN THE TIME!” followed by some muttering about “Easy, you think it’s easy, … Continue reading

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Picking White Paint

Paint my chicken coop!!!!! – Abe Simpson As the loft progressed, we decided to try soft white walls in the bedroom and reading room. I want to bask in all the fresh light. But white paint is tricksy. What if it comes … Continue reading

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Calculated Vintage Pan Light

It’s darker than a French chick’s armpit. – Random Hoodlum A while back, I picked up a paint-caked pan light off Craig’s List for $20. “FOR THE HALLWAY!” I told the Kev. “Of course it is!” he replied. He’s a … Continue reading

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No Veneer? Have No Fear!

Actual year may vary. Consult calendar for current year. – Commercial Voiceover I’m working on a post about reattaching loose veneer, which would be done except the finish doesn’t want to dry during 2015. All the veneer was still there — it was just … Continue reading

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And Then I Threw the Looking Glass

We had such a beautiful dream. What went wrong? – Lisa Simpson All I wanted to do was move a mirror. Not even move it — just change its orientation. The relevant mirror is over the sideboard in the dining room. … Continue reading

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The Internet Versus Paper Sizes

Ooh, pads of paper! – Homer Simpson We received a lovely original drawing from Ben’s girlfriend Lois for Christmas. We were and are delighted. Sometimes give her a little kiss for luck in the morning! Lois also paints and sculpts … Continue reading

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Cut a Mat, Just Like That

Blowing off steam in the crafts room, Marge? – Reverend Lovejoy A while back, I completely and utterly failed to cut a picture mat freehand. A reader suggested that I use a mat cutting kit, swearing it was easy. My craft … Continue reading

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Faking Leaded Glass in Cabinets

Marge: My address?! It’s…umm…1-2-3…Fake Street! Chief Wiggum: 123 Fake Street. Got it! When we finished the built-ins, I intended to gussy up the glass cabinet fronts. One idea was making the glass look old, but I really wanted to emulate the … Continue reading

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