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Winter’s Harvest

 This doesn’t look easy. But I bet it is! – Homer Simpson Every year, I plant seeds at the coldest time of the year and put them outdoors. Weirdly enough, winter sowing is a great way to maximize seed performance … Continue reading

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Tile Tile Tiley Tile

All I need is a title. I was thinking along the lines of No TV and No Beer Make Homer…something-something. – Homer Simpson I started the backsplash! But first, I spent 20 minutes looking for our notched trowel. When I … Continue reading

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Hops on Top

Well, dang blast it! – Grave digger We are fortunate to live on a great block that includes a pack of children ranging from about six to eleven. Today, a kid’s toy was caught in a tree next door, and … Continue reading

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Backsplash Short List

Actual odds of winning one in three hundred and eighty million. – Kent Brockman Following the May completion of the January slipcover project, I resolved to work on fewer projects at a time. That way, we’d see more projects done more quickly. … Continue reading

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This Old Couch: Done is Good

I don’t mind being called a liar when I’m lying, or about to lie, or just finished lying. But not when I’m telling the truth!  – Homer Simpson No, it’s true! The slipcover is done! A good thing, too, because this is … Continue reading

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Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

Ooh, look at me. I can turn sunlight into complex sugars. – Homer Simpson Spring is one of the only good times to move shrubs. Of course, the best thing is to plant something where you mean for it to … Continue reading

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Tigers, Tigers, Burning Bright

Completely unrelated to the usual topic of this blog… Hull City, we could not be more proud! #hcafc

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Tiny Tweaks

The way you put it, it sounds so perfect. But it’s not. – Homer Simpson Sometimes, I look at this place and don’t see how far we’ve come, but how far there is to go. Our attic project stalled (more … Continue reading

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Smallifying a Picture Frame

It worked! The de-bigulator worked! – Professor Frink Ever had anything framed? It’s spendy, huh? And completely worth it–professional framers really know their stuff. But sometimes, you want to frame an inexpensive poster or something that you love but that … Continue reading

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Mom’s Decor Tips

There’s only one girl whose opinion matters to me–my mom. – Bart Simpson It’s Mother’s Day in the states.* Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! My mother is an artist and decorator with a great eye. I am neither of those things. But … Continue reading

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