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Demolition Man

Huh? Noise! Bad noise!!! – Homer Simpson The Kev started tearing down the closet wall today. Let joy be unconfined! (Lest you think me a girly-girl who lets my husband take care of the dirty work, I assure you that I’m … Continue reading

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Picking Paint Colors: The Right Brain Part

And now it’s time for Match Game 2034, with Billy Crystal! – The Simpsons Since our bedroom renovation is underway (and going well so far), it’s time to start thinking paint colors. Who am I kidding? I’m never NOT thinking … Continue reading

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The Unbelievable D’ohless Radiator Swap

Catch you later, radiator! I’ve never felt more alive! – Marge Simpson A strange thing happened today that left me with an unfamiliar feeling. As I mentioned before in This ‘n’ That, the radiator in one of our bedrooms needed to … Continue reading

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Stepping Out (Without Falling Over)

This is how we left the new side door steps in Conquering the Stoop. We needed a way to access the deck that didn’t involve any sort of vaulting. I’d heard that steps were a handy way to move from one … Continue reading

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Step by Step: Stair Calculators

Whether you are building a deck or a staircase, you’ll need the steps to fit in the available space and to be easy to navigate. To do so, you’ll need to determine the size and depth of the steps, keeping … Continue reading

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Life Lessons: Giving Away a Mattress on Craigslist

Hey, they’re trying to learn for free! – The Simpsons We’re avid Craiglisters, so I thought I knew a thing or two about the site, but today was just super-instructive. I end this day older and wiser for a change. We’re taking … Continue reading

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The Lazy Stripper’s Guide to Hinges (Continued)

Remember when I succumbed to laziness and stripped paint off door hinges without removing them? There, I discovered that regular cheapo masking tape didn’t fully protect the door finish from the effects of the stripper. We just took a door off … Continue reading

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This ‘n’ That

All we need to do is follow the trail of destruction. – Homer Simpon We’ve moved out of the bedroom, so it’s Time. That is, if we can get the replacement radiator out of the basement…

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The Best-Laid Plans of Stacey and The Kev

I’ve got a plan! A plan that’ll fix you good… – Homer Simpson We are in the midst of moving our stuff so we can (finally) renovate the master bedroom. It’s always funny to me that just before we create a huge cloud of … Continue reading

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Conquering the Stoop

Previously on D’oh…we removed our old concrete steps and started the base for the new steps. This time, the focus is on building the platform for the top of the deck. Building a platform is about making sure everything is well-supported. … Continue reading

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