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Welcome to Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp, where you’ll experience the complete rock-n-roll lifestyle without the lawsuits and STDs. And remember rule #1: There are no rules! Rule #2, no outside food. – Mick Jagger When I was in high school theater, … Continue reading

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Behold the Awesomeness of My Man

Oh, Homie! – Marge Simpson Quick like a bunny before he notices this post title and changes it*, take a look at what the Kev did.¬†Remember the knee walls were pushed back, leaving gaps in the floor? We pulled up … Continue reading

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Had It

Honey, let me explain what happened tonight. Sometimes when your mom has half a glass of wine, she goes cuckoo bananas. – Marge Simpson I’m a stress puppy from a family of stress puppies, but I thought I was dealing … Continue reading

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Air Conditioning…Glorious Air Conditioning

I got the idea when I noticed the refrigerator was cold. – Homer Simpson Previously, I talked about the three options we considered for the air conditioning. We ultimately went with regular central air, running the ducts through the attic … Continue reading

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Dumpster Puzzle Solved

Remember the Blair Witch issue with the dumpster? Well, apparently what it is, is someone staging materials¬†for dumpster divers. I am not making this up! More stuff had been arrayed geometrically around the container yesterday morning, but before I could … Continue reading

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Foamy Home

The spray can is mightier than the sword. – Simpsons Comic #37 When I was an adolescent, I saw a picture of a bedroom from one of the Xanadu foam houses. “Look at THIS!” I said to my mother. “How … Continue reading

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The Blair Witch Dumpster

One surprising thing about having an enormous dumpster in the side yard is the non-surreptitiousness of the divers. I expected — nay, WELCOMED — such visitors. The more stuff that is reused, the better! But I did anticipate they would … Continue reading

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