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Bye-Bye, Butterfly

Do the wing thing! – Bart Simpson We saw probably the last monarch butterfly of the season weekend before last. Monarchs migrate south when the weather turns cooler — you may have seen the recent item about a monarch cloud … Continue reading

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A Home Decor Drinking Game

Marge: Have you been drinking? Homer: No! Well, ten beers. If you’ve ever seen the original Bob Newhart Show, you’ve probably heard of the “Bob” game.   Tangent: If you haven’t seen this 1970s classic, you might recognize Carol’s voice. … Continue reading

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Rain Barrels: Truth is More Work Than Fiction

Right as rain! Or, as we say around here, “left” as rain! – Ned Flanders I originally named this post “What Hippies Don’t Want You to Know About Rain Barrels” but I didn’t want to attract real-life Cartman types. The … Continue reading

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Keeping the DIY Dollar

Silly customer! You cannot hurt a Twinkie! – Apu When we were shopping for our dishwasher (now installed, about which more soon), I eliminated a specific large manufacturer from all our searches. I accidentally read specifications for one dishwasher from … Continue reading

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Geek Garden

Bart: There is no way all this junk is gonna fit. Homer: Now, don’t worry. This is what all those hours of playing Tetris were for. Fall is a great time to put in raised beds — do the construction … Continue reading

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Project Updates: How’s THAT Working Out?

 Are we doing this again? – Marge Simpson When I search for how to do a project, I find many tutorials that look great, but don’t say how the end product held up over time. “Why don’t they just say what happened!?” I … Continue reading

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Love Letter to a Doorknob

You are unique, you are special, and someday those things are going to come together and work for you. – Marge Simpson When nephew Drew was about nine, he told us we needed to make our house more “modern” and “futuristic”. … Continue reading

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