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Resolved: No Resolutions for 2014. Except These.

On the other hand, who’s to say what’s right these days, what with all our modern ideas and products? – Homer Simpson Yesterday, I said we weren’t going to have any New Year’s resolutions for the house, given our pathetic … Continue reading

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2014: Resolving Not to Resolve

 I resolve to lose 10 pounds, and then gain it back by Valentine’s Day. – Homer Simpson A year ago, we posted our 2013 DIY resolutions. Huge mistake! We got lots of projects done over the last year, but not … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Bart: We are happy, we are merry. Army: We are happy, we are merry. Bart: We got a rhyming dictionary. Army: We got a rhyming dictionary. – The Simpsons Holy blog-appropriate gifts, Batman! A very merry Christmas to you and … Continue reading

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Got Wine? Got a Printer? You’ve Got a Gift!

Homer: Remember when I took that home wine-making course and forgot how to drive?  Marge: That’s because you were drunk! – The Simpsons Luckily, our shopping is done, but there have been many years where we were stuck for a gift … Continue reading

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Before and After: Lois and Ben’s Living Room

This tree reminds me of your father. Round in the middle, thinning up top and your hands get sticky when you touch him. – Marge Simpson Remember Ben (and sweetheart Lois) moved into a house this year? This was the … Continue reading

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Advice to a Novice Canner

 Ok, roll film…tip the acid vats…aaaaand action! – Director of Fallout Boy I recently canned beets (UK: beetroot), a job that wins first prize in the category “Incredibly Messy Kitchen Event.” The kitchen ends up looking like a scene from … Continue reading

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Glassy Garden

Usually it’s just soup for one, salad for one, wine for three. – Edna Krabappel I’ve been assiduously saving cobalt and green wine bottles so I could have a bottle tree this year. Time got away from me and I … Continue reading

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All Wrapped Up

All the colors of the ‘bow, man! – Otto As a student, I worked at a series of jewelry studios of increasing fancy-pantsedness. At the last such emporium, I learned how to make wrap packages with Tiffany-style bows made of … Continue reading

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Storage Bed: The Reckoning

Grade me…look at me…evaluate and rank me! – Lisa Simpson We’ve lived with our storage bed for a few months now, so it’s time for the informed low-down. If you are new to the saga, we shopped a bunch of options before buying an unfinished captain’s … Continue reading

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Film Festival

I’m a little chilly. Can I have another strait jacket? – Ned Flanders One of my favorite tropes on the TV program Buffy the Vampire Slayer was that right after Spike (an unslayed vampire) made some big, dramatic statement, he’d often … Continue reading

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