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There’s a Hole in the Washer, Dear Liza

Tsk. Anyone who needs this kind of status symbol must have some terrible emotional problems. – Marge Simpson Once upon a time, we had a perfectly serviceable dishwasher. It was a real workhorse, and it survived two sets of tenants, … Continue reading

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We Can’t Come to the Blog Right Now

Look busy and keep your mouth shut. – Mr. Burns It’s magical to have a contractor, but since we are doing some of the work (and since the schedule relies on our doing that work soonish), it’s been semi-crazy around Chez … Continue reading

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Vent Stack Calls it a Day

Boom! I am outta here, I’m a dot, I’m gone, okay? – James Woods The vent stack from the kitchen ran through the loft space, but the plumber was relocating it. I don’t have a picture, but the plumber had … Continue reading

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Escape from the Home Depot

D’oh! The new upstairs bathroom will have a shower. A shower needs a base (unless you are having the situation custom tiled, and we are too cheap for that). We found a base that met our space constraints and didn’t make … Continue reading

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Number One

It’s toilet time for Tinytown. – Bart Simpson We bought a toilet. It’s scheduled to ship in about two weeks, and then it will sit in the living room for hopefully not too long before it will get installed in … Continue reading

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Installing a Dishwasher (Confusing a Cat)

I’m alive! And I owe it all to this feisty feline. – Homer Simpson Our dishwasher was a dozen years old, so it was time for a new one. Taking out the old dishwasher was simple. Back when we remodeled the … Continue reading

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Slow Drain (Maintenance)

Reverend Lovejoy: God didn’t burn your house down, but he was working in the hearts of your friends be they Christian, Jew, or . . . miscellaneous. Apu: Hindu. There are seven hundred million of us! Reverend Lovejoy: Aw, that’s super. When I … Continue reading

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Basement Plan: Sink Removal

So it was time to begin executing the basement plan. We began with the area designated as the future storage area. After taking out all of the stuff that had been temporarily stored in that corner, the only thing left … Continue reading

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Including the Kitchen Sink

Kumiko: The walls are covered with garbage. Homer: Oh, not garbage! Americana. – The Simpsons Every time a contractor or inspector visits our basement, they point to the sink in the corner and say, “That’s a nonconforming sink.” The sink itself is fine, … Continue reading

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DIY Quartz: Putting in The Sink

Epoxy fight!!! – Bart Simpson After putting our new quartz in place, we still needed to put in the tap and hang the undermount sink. The first part was fairly easy, although the holes drilled in the countertop gave us … Continue reading

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