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Picking White Paint

Paint my chicken coop!!!!! – Abe Simpson As the loft progressed, we decided to try soft white walls in the bedroom and reading room. I want to bask in all the fresh light. But white paint is tricksy. What if it comes … Continue reading

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Calculated Vintage Pan Light

It’s darker than a French chick’s armpit. – Random Hoodlum A while back, I picked up a paint-caked pan light off Craig’s List for $20. “FOR THE HALLWAY!” I told the Kev. “Of course it is!” he replied. He’s a … Continue reading

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A Decidedly Dumb Thing I’ll Never Do Again

Keep squirming & there’s going to be a little bald girl with no lollipop. – Lisa’s stylist, dealing with gum Here’s a new opportunity for y’all to learn from/laugh at my failings. Over the weekend, I was Dremelling a bad … Continue reading

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