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Radical Radiator Plan

Who would have thought a whale could be so heavy? – Moe Once, there were two good-sized radiators upstairs. We removed one for floor-plan reasons (it ended up being inside a closet). After draining and disconnecting it, we put it … Continue reading

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The Course of Tiled Walls Never Did Run Smooth

Marge: I have an idea. Homer: What? What’s your idea? Marge: When my father was first trying to catch my mother’s eye, he sent her a box of candy with his photo in it. After that, she never forgot him. … Continue reading

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Behold the Awesomeness of My Man

Oh, Homie! – Marge Simpson Quick like a bunny before he notices this post title and changes it*, take a look at what the Kev did. Remember the knee walls were pushed back, leaving gaps in the floor? We pulled up … Continue reading

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Dumpster Puzzle Solved

Remember the Blair Witch issue with the dumpster? Well, apparently what it is, is someone staging materials for dumpster divers. I am not making this up! More stuff had been arrayed geometrically around the container yesterday morning, but before I could … Continue reading

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The Blair Witch Dumpster

One surprising thing about having an enormous dumpster in the side yard is the non-surreptitiousness of the divers. I expected — nay, WELCOMED — such visitors. The more stuff that is reused, the better! But I did anticipate they would … Continue reading

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Just When You Think You Own All the Saws

Bart:  I can’t find the safety goggles for the power saw. Homer: If stuff starts flying, just turn your head! One of the tasks we reserved on the loft project was the flooring. There is a hardwood floor up there (in … Continue reading

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Micro-Scale Urban Salvage

The Burns bear, perhaps the most valuable widdle bear in the world, could be anywhere. It could be in your house. You could be looking at it right now. It could be right in front of your face as I’m … Continue reading

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Brick Edging Happens

My back yard makes my front yard look like an idiot. – Homer Simpson For some years now, I’ve been using our boulevard space (sometimes called a “hell strip” for good reason) as a place to put plants in transition. … Continue reading

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What, Exactly, is Going on Here?

Marge: What do you think he’s doing up there? Homer: I don’t know. Drug lab? Or reading comic books. What am I, Kreskin? You tell me what he’s doing. Marge: I don’t know, and I don’t want to know. And I’m going … Continue reading

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Including the Kitchen Sink

Kumiko: The walls are covered with garbage. Homer: Oh, not garbage! Americana. – The Simpsons Every time a contractor or inspector visits our basement, they point to the sink in the corner and say, “That’s a nonconforming sink.” The sink itself is fine, … Continue reading

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