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Basement Plan: Storage? In the Basement?

As part of the plan for our basement, we are extending the workshop by taking out the wall between the workshop and the storage room next to it. So we had to find an alternative storage solution. Aside from the … Continue reading

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Basement Plan: Sink Removal

So it was time to begin executing the basement plan. We began with the area designated as the future storage area. After taking out all of the stuff that had been temporarily stored in that corner, the only thing left … Continue reading

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Planning Has Reached a New Low

Guys! Stop throwing things in the hole! The more you throw in, the bigger and more dangerous it becomes! – Lisa Simpson For the last few years we have been slowly filling up the basement with stuff that we didn’t … Continue reading

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Modified DIY Retractable Roman Shades

It’s been done. – George Harrison Update: I still recommend this project–and my hacks to the original tutorial–but I’ve discovered that it doesn’t work well with a heavy fabric like black-out lining. I’ve noted in [bold and brackets] below where this is … Continue reading

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Including the Kitchen Sink

Kumiko: The walls are covered with garbage. Homer: Oh, not garbage! Americana. – The Simpsons Every time a contractor or inspector visits our basement, they point to the sink in the corner and say, “That’s a nonconforming sink.” The sink itself is fine, … Continue reading

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Before and After: Tiled Kitchen Backsplash

FINALLY! – Bart Simpson Done and dusted. AT LAST. I would have had this done sooner, except I selected a fancy synthetic rubber caulk for the joint between the tile and the counter. I could not work with it — not the … Continue reading

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Clematis Combos

They love! They share! They share and love and share! Love, love, love! Share, share, share! – The Itchy and Scratchy Show When we bought Chez D’oh, the only desirable plants in the garden were two clematis vines on the … Continue reading

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Easy Yum: Strawberry-Rum Jam

Your jelly stays right in the middle, where it’s supposed to. I don’t know how you do it, you’ve just got a gift I guess.  – Homer Simpson The underlying secret to keeping jelly (or jam) in the middle is … Continue reading

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Our Quartz

Earlier this year, we installed quartz kitchen counters. We chose a low-contrast white “Riverstone” quartz offered through Menards. While all the fabrication is done for you, you have to provide and confirm measurements, then pick up and install the countertops. … Continue reading

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