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Brick Edging Happens

My back yard makes my front yard look like an idiot. – Homer Simpson For some years now, I’ve been using our boulevard space (sometimes called a “hell strip” for good reason) as a place to put plants in transition. … Continue reading

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Patience is a Virtue–A Really Annoying Virtue

I only have two questions: “How much?” and “Give it to me!” – Homer Simpson I have a complicated relationship with consumerism. I don’t like parting with money at the best of times (my heritage is half Scots, if you want to … Continue reading

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That Can’t Be Good

Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Mighty Morphing Power Ranger. – Rock Bottom I am not a morning person, so I don’t mind east-to-west jetlag. It gives me a chance to see how the other half … Continue reading

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Good Easy Plants: Coreopsis (Tickseed)

That’s so romantic! We gotta go to England! – Lisa Simpson The Kev and I have been off-blog for a few weeks while we traveled to Blighty for his sister’s wedding. Such a good time was had! Congratulations, Helen and … Continue reading

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