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The Magic Carpet Ride

Things on the ground are out of my jurisdiction. – Chief Wiggum You know those ads that follow you around after you shop for something online? About half the time, I’m stalked by rugs. On shelter blogs, when commenters are swooning … Continue reading

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Introducing Our Golden Ratio Calculator

A paper-based thing-a-ma-jig? What are we, cavemen?! – Homer Simpson Check out our new Golden Ratio Calculator, where we’ve done the work for you. People often find beauty in objects with certain proportions. This proportion is often seen in the natural world, … Continue reading

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These are a Few of My Favorite D’ohs

Like Mozart and Johnny Knoxville, my genius cannot be stopped. – Homer Simpson Recent projects have been a breeze. I’m working ahead on the Apartment Therapy Cure. I kitted out a coat closet using on-hand materials. I replaced the kitchen faucet. It was … Continue reading

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Double Curtain Rods at a Fifth the Price

My brain goo’s coming out all artistical, thanks to you. – Moe Szyslak (to Lisa) When I was looking to upgrade the window treatments in our living and dining rooms, I naturally turned to the internet for inspiration. I was … Continue reading

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The Wall, Part 3: Our Crowning Achievement

And by the Sacred Parchment, I swear that if I reveal the secrets of The Stonecutters, may my stomach become bloated and my head be plucked of all but three hairs – Homer Simpson We left our retaining wall uncapped … Continue reading

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The Wall, Part 2

Last week I wrote about starting to build a retaining wall. Building up the rest of the wall with concrete blocks was easy. The concrete blocks we used have a lip at the bottom on the back side. This lip … Continue reading

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Just Screwing Around

You two look good … open casket good. – Grandpa Simpson The Kev and I have a humongous supply of old fasteners. Many are leftovers from other projects, or older screws that we’ve removed and kept. Kev has a jar-based screw … Continue reading

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Restoring Authentic Hardware

Police Chief Wiggum: Well, well, well, look who’s here. Master Detective Eliza Simpson and her easily amazed sidekick, Dr. Bartley. Bart: What’s this? A doorknob! Good show! – The Simpsons Some people shouldn’t be allowed to paint, including many of … Continue reading

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Building a Retaining Wall

I hope you learned your lesson, Lisa. Never help anyone. – Homer Simpson At the front of our house was a grassy slope. It was difficult to mow, and the grass was always trying to grow out onto the sidewalk. … Continue reading

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Say It With Flowers, But Cats Won’t Listen

Good-bye, cruel world…hello, ironic twist. – The Simpsons As part of the AT January Cure, cure-ees must buy fresh flowers for their homes. But not all flowers are safe for cats. Careful flower selection is important to keep curiousity from … Continue reading

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