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Cat Cozy: The Un-D’oh-ing

Previously on D’oh, I made a cat cozy that the cat couldn’t get into. I remedied that miscalculation temporarily with a skirt hanger. This kludge worked, but is obviously pretty daft. But as promised, I have applied myself to the … Continue reading

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Where Do I Start With Pinterest?

See the pins, be the pins. -Jacques Pinterest. Is that place kind of addictive or what? I enjoy browsing and pinning very much, and I get a huge kick out of people pinning our projects. It’s a brilliant idea, and … Continue reading

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Salvage Shops: Art & Architecture, Minneapolis

My cans! My precious antique cans! – Can collector, The Simpsons When I had my doorknob snafu last week, the Kev and I packed up the car and headed over to Art & Architecture in Minneapolis. Art & Architecture is one … Continue reading

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Installing a Wooden Porch Door: The Sawing and Chiseling Edition

Ned: You’re using my table saw to violate a court order? Homer: Well, we tried all those other tools. – The Simpsons We’re putting a new porch door on the front of the house. Stacey mentioned this when she was … Continue reading

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When Life Closes a Door, Go Shopping for Door Knobs

I wish they taught shopping in school! – Malibu Stacy A while back, I purchased some vintage door knobs for the porch door project (a/k/a Porch Fest 2013). And I was happy about it! Ignorance was bliss — once I started … Continue reading

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You Should Seek Professional Help: Interior Designers (Part 3)

Wednesday! Wednesday was the day! We met with our interior designer about the plans for the upstairs. Just to recap, our upstairs space is one large, partially finished room with inadequate electrical service and little light. As much as it pains … Continue reading

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Switching It Up

Parenting Instructor: Making a happy home isn’t like flipping on a light switch. Cletus: Light switch??  – The Simpsons Originally, there weren’t a whole lot of light switches (or, indeed, electrical outlets) in this house. Most of the lights would … Continue reading

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Cat Cozy for a Cozy Cat

Tuck in time! – Marge Simpson Our cat Mayya likes to snuggle up under blankets. She will ask us to lift up the covers for her to burrow in. More amusingly, she’ll try to do it herself, which often doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Sesquicebloggial Special!

Happy anniversary, baby! – Homer Simpson Today is our first blogiversary, and this is our 150th post, so you know what that means: IT’S SESQUICEBLOGGIAL TIME! Sesquicewhatial? Well, back in 1986, Texas celebrated its sesquicentennial–its 150th anniversary of just plain … Continue reading

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Porch Fest 2013: Door > Floor

Helloooo? I’m cold and there are wolves after me. – Abe Simpson Given our unexpectedly lengthy search for a way to strip the porch floor AND the suddenly-very-impending winter, the Kev and I agreed that replacing the porch door was our … Continue reading

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