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First Principles Thinking In Action

Homer: Aw, twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut! Brain: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts. Homer: Explain how! Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services. When my brother and I were kids, if we were trying to puzzle something … Continue reading

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Fort D’oh

All I’m gonna use this bed for is sleeping, eating, and maybe building a little fort! – Homer In the interest of getting one thing completely done, we made a fort (UK: den) in the attic. We decided to make … Continue reading

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Remodel Progress

Ben and Lois are here! Well, right now, they are in Chicago, but they are “here” in general. The house will wait! Since they are out of town, I thought I’d show where we stopped (and will be picking up). The drywalling … Continue reading

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The Trick is Knowing When to Stop

For the love of God, help me! I’ve been here for four days, and a turtle’s got a hold of my teeth! – Abe Simpson We opted to do our own electrical work for the loft remodel. Here’s our scorecard to … Continue reading

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The Internet Versus Paper Sizes

Ooh, pads of paper! – Homer Simpson We received a lovely original drawing from Ben’s girlfriend Lois for Christmas. We were and are delighted. Sometimes give her a little kiss for luck in the morning! Lois also paints and sculpts … Continue reading

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Cut a Mat, Just Like That

Blowing off steam in the crafts room, Marge? – Reverend Lovejoy A while back, I completely and utterly failed to cut a picture mat freehand. A reader suggested that I use a mat cutting kit, swearing it was easy. My craft … Continue reading

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Hey, We Still Blog!

Anything to get me out of that house, away from all that nagging and noise…of a family of love. Tra-la-la-la! – Homer Simpson “I’m doing a post,” I just told the Kev. “About WHAT?” he asked, stunned. “About us still…existing,” … Continue reading

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A Farm Sink in Butcher Block for an English Country Kitchen

If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, I’ll repay you in acorns. – Cletus Coming up on a year ago, Helen and Geoff redid their kitchen. I love the classic white-and-wood look, the wall of windows, and all the SPACE. It’s a … Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Lady DIYer

Homer: You really thought I’d forgot, didn’t you? Bart: Oh, right. What did you get her, Dad? Lisa: Yeah, whatcha get? Homer: A very thoughtful gift. But it’s a surprise! You know it’s such a beautiful morning, I think I’ll … Continue reading

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Good Easy Plants: Coreopsis (Tickseed)

That’s so romantic! We gotta go to England! – Lisa Simpson The Kev and I have been off-blog for a few weeks while we traveled to Blighty for his sister’s wedding. Such a good time was had! Congratulations, Helen and … Continue reading

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