Hey, We Still Blog!

Anything to get me out of that house, away from all that nagging and noise…of a family of love. Tra-la-la-la!

– Homer Simpson

“I’m doing a post,” I just told the Kev. “About WHAT?” he asked, stunned. “About us still…existing,” I replied. He suggested the title “We Do Being.” Appropriate, since we certainly haven’t been doing much DOING. But there are Reasons for the lack of post-able DIY:

  • The Kev started a new job.
  • I kept doing my old job, only it became much jobbier in recent months.
  • I injured a tendon in my right arm (my hammerin’ arm), and then did something painful to my left knee (my standin’-upright knee).
  • Winter came early, and we lost the will to live.

Right when we might have pulled ourselves together, we just up and left the house (and its associated DIY and its winter) in favor of my parents’ house in Arizona.* It’s a lovely place, and everything is finished already! That leaves much more time for fun.

Arizona Christmas!

FUN! And silliness.

We had a very merry Arizona Christmas!

Despite picking up some sort of airplane bug on the way back, we should return to some sort of regular posting schedule in the new year. Here are a few things in the hopper:

  • Making your own stereoscope cards (with template!).
  • Protecting weather-stripping from cats (see this project).
  • Changing the finish on metal furniture.
  • Replacing knob and tube wiring.

And new for 2015: no resolutions OR “priorities”!

* For Mom and Dad: Our trip was magnificent (and crepuscular). Thanks!

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