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Insulation v. Winter

Colin: And if we just kept our thermostats at 68 in the winter… Lisa: …we’d be free from our dependency on foreign oil in 17 years! A couple of years back, we ordered an energy audit on the house (complete with blower test). The test … Continue reading

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The Course of Tiled Walls Never Did Run Smooth

Marge: I have an idea. Homer: What? What’s your idea? Marge: When my father was first trying to catch my mother’s eye, he sent her a box of candy with his photo in it. After that, she never forgot him. … Continue reading

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Nice Shower Niche, Part 1

Marge: What if something goes wrong? Homer: What if? What if I’m taking a shower and I slip on a bar of soap? Oh my god, I’d be killed! So, this upstairs bathroom. It has plumbing and a floor, but … Continue reading

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Walling and Waterproofing the Shower

Water, water, everywhere, so let’s go have a drink! – Homer Simpson The primary mission of a shower is to get you clean. The associated mission–especially when the shower is on an upper floor–is to contain the water necessary to … Continue reading

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