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Good-Looking LED Lights

40,000 Watt Energy Miser Lighthouse Lightbulb – The Simpsons We are in the process of changing over our lighting from CFL and incandescent bulbs to LEDs. We started with the lights that we use the most. The kitchen fixture came … Continue reading

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Good Easy Plants: The 2014 Habitat for Humanity Edition

C’mon, Carter, build us a house, you lazy bum! – Homer Simpson I volunteer for Habitat for Humanity for selfish reasons–it’s so much fun! I work on landscaping, from planning to planting. Habitat sources its plants from Bailey Nurseries, and they let … Continue reading

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Good Cheap Plants

…out here, in the cheap showiness of nature. – Rev. Lovejoy It’s planting time! Or almost! The forsythia (always a litmus test for spring) certainly thinks it’s time to get moving. And my winter sowing jugs are encouragingly full of … Continue reading

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This Old Couch: Now a Bit Older

Wait. I can’t start without music to inspire me. Why is Bach next to Muddy Waters? That’s my problem–I’ve got to get these CDs organized. . . . There! Finished. Now, if I win just two more games of online Boggle, I’ll be ready to … Continue reading

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A Tisket, a Tasket, a Hack Involving a Basket

Homer: [in a posh voice] Hello, my name is Mr. Burns. I believe you have a letter for me. Postal Clerk: Ok, Mr. Burns. What’s your first name? Homer: I don’t know. – The Simpsons I have two posts kicking around, one about … Continue reading

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DIY Quartz: Putting in The Sink

Epoxy fight!!! – Bart Simpson After putting our new quartz in place, we still needed to put in the tap and hang the undermount sink. The first part was fairly easy, although the holes drilled in the countertop gave us … Continue reading

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DIY Quartz: Installation and Then More Installation

Mrs. W: Looks like young Simpson is going to kill himself. Mr. W: Oh, maybe not. Maybe he’s just taking his boulder for a walk. – The Simpsons Well, it’s in. How did we get here? Back when we ordered the … Continue reading

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DIY Quartz: What We Know Now

Questions?!! My whole scheme down the…I mean, ask away. -Homer Simpson When we were researching countertops, we had trouble finding information about Riverstone quartz. Now that we’ve put our Riverstone in, here are some of the answers to questions we … Continue reading

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Cabinet of Dreams, Part VII: If You Build It, He Will Put the TV on It

At this point in the fireplace/cabinetry project, we’d been living for over three months in the other corner of the sitting room with the television armoire in the arch leading to the dining room. We were really tired of the … Continue reading

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Cabinet of Dreams, Part VI: The Tiling

We’re nearing the end of the fireplace project. Next up: tiling. There were two areas to tile for this project–the vertical fireplace tile around the surround, and the hearth tiling for the floor in front of the fireplace. Tiling the … Continue reading

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