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Render Unto Caesar

Plant Inspector: Gum used to seal crack in cooling tower. Mr. Burns: I’m as shocked as you are! Last week, the general inspector signed off on our 16-month-old building permit. Almost everything done on the various permits had been approved months earlier; the roof and a … Continue reading

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Hey, Look! Tile

Just do it do it do it NOW! – Mr. Burns On the FIFTH of JANUARY, I posted this photo on our Facebook page: I then learned that the shower door was taller than the top row of tile, so … Continue reading

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Nice Shower Niche, Part 2

Yes, it has been a while, but I’m back! Part 1 ended with the niche secured flush with the shower wall and (hopefully) waterproofed. Next: tiling! As discussed in Part 1, I installed the niche once I had the tiles up far … Continue reading

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Wiring Level: Acceptable

My work is done. Now to reward myself with a case of wine. – Helen Lovejoy I picked up a little steam from finishing the fort, and decided to pick something else achievable: closing out the electrical permit. The electrical has … Continue reading

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Insulation v. Winter

Colin: And if we just kept our thermostats at 68 in the winter… Lisa: …we’d be free from our dependency on foreign oil in 17 years! A couple of years back, we ordered an energy audit on the house (complete with blower test). The test … Continue reading

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Nice Shower Niche, Part 1

Marge: What if something goes wrong? Homer: What if? What if I’m taking a shower and I slip on a bar of soap? Oh my god, I’d be killed! So, this upstairs bathroom. It has plumbing and a floor, but … Continue reading

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Walling and Waterproofing the Shower

Water, water, everywhere, so let’s go have a drink! – Homer Simpson The primary mission of a shower is to get you clean. The associated mission–especially when the shower is on an upper floor–is to contain the water necessary to … Continue reading

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Remodel Progress

Ben and Lois are here! Well, right now, they are in Chicago, but they are “here” in general. The house will wait! Since they are out of town, I thought I’d show where we stopped (and will be picking up). The drywalling … Continue reading

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Welcome to Rock-n-Roll Fantasy Camp, where you’ll experience the complete rock-n-roll lifestyle without the lawsuits and STDs. And remember rule #1: There are no rules! Rule #2, no outside food. – Mick Jagger When I was in high school theater, … Continue reading

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Had It

Honey, let me explain what happened tonight. Sometimes when your mom has half a glass of wine, she goes cuckoo bananas. – Marge Simpson I’m a stress puppy from a family of stress puppies, but I thought I was dealing … Continue reading

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