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Selecting Upper Closet Doors

I guess it’s not much when you look at real problems in the world like Major League umpires not using instant replay. – Homer Simpson You’ve probably seen optical illusions where parallel lines appear to bend or converge. What I … Continue reading

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Conquering the Stoop

Previously on D’oh…we removed our old concrete steps and started the base for the new steps. This time, the focus is on building the platform for the top of the deck. Building a platform is about making sure everything is well-supported. … Continue reading

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That First Step’s a Doozy

Anything that requires twelve steps is not worth doing. – Homer Simpson Recently, I wrote about demolishing concrete steps from the side of our house. Writing that post, and looking at those photos, brought it all back. I had to … Continue reading

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He’s So Phi-ne

I can’t believe it! Reading and writing actually paid off! – Homer Simpson Stacey (regarding tweaks to the arbor design): “That looks nice.” Kevin: “I used the Golden Ratio.” Stacey: “Of course you did.” The guy could not be more … Continue reading

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