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Selecting Upper Closet Doors

I guess it’s not much when you look at real problems in the world like Major League umpires not using instant replay. – Homer Simpson You’ve probably seen optical illusions where parallel lines appear to bend or converge. What I … Continue reading

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Cheap and Cheerful Christmas Crafts

Let me see… that’s three Christmases I saved… eight I ruined… two were kind of a draw. – Homer Simpson This year, Stacey decided to go with old-fashioned homemade paper chains for our Christmas decorations. She bought a big wadge of multicolored construction … Continue reading

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He’s So Phi-ne

I can’t believe it! Reading and writing actually paid off! – Homer Simpson Stacey (regarding tweaks to the arbor design): “That looks nice.” Kevin: “I used the Golden Ratio.” Stacey: “Of course you did.” The guy could not be more … Continue reading

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What Light Through Yonder Mason Jar Breaks?

I bet Einstein turned himself all sorts of colors before he invented the light bulb. – Homer Simpson Over the last few months, I’ve had a few rewiring projects on lamps and small appliances. I’ve mainly been replacing switches and … Continue reading

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