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Love in the Time of Radiator Repair

Marge: Homey, do you think the romance has gone out of our lives? Homer: *belches* – The Simpsons In February, This Old House ran a feature on why home improvement is good for relationships. Item 7 made me laugh: “You do more date nights — … Continue reading

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Two by Two, Hands of Blue

Farmer: Well lah-dee-dah, Mr. Park Avenue manicure. Homer: I’m sorry, I believe in good grooming. – Homer Simpson Most paint and hardware stores sell boxes of disposable gloves. Generally, you have a choice between latex or nitrile. These are great for particularly … Continue reading

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Introducing Our Cubic Yards to Bags Concrete Converter

Get five bags in case I eat four on the way home. – Homer Simpson Check out our new Cubic Yards to Bags Concrete Converter, for those times when you don’t need a truckload of ready-mix. A little while ago, I … Continue reading

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Crowning Contradictions

I’ve done everything the Bible says, even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff. – Ned Flanders We have the original crown molding for the living room and dining room. It’s in the garage, coated in mint-colored lead paint. With … Continue reading

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