No Need to Hack: Ikea Mail-Ready Basket

Now there’s no choice but to go…store-bought!

– Marge Simpson

Once upon a time, I cut up an Ikea magazine basket to make a hanging mail basket.


This hack has held up surprisingly well. But if it starts to fall apart, it seems Ikea has me covered. Check out the Gabbig:

This isn’t being shown as a mail catcher, but if you hang it on the back of a door, that’s a mail catcher, right? I mean, look at this next picture.


It’s as if Ikea decided not to package hooks with Gabbig, but used this picture to get you most of the way there.

At $12.99, it’s a far sight cheaper than most of the fancy-pants options, which start around $25. It might not be wide enough front to back to catch everything, but for that price, it’s completely worth a go.

Would love to hear from anyone who gives this a try!


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