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Keeping the DIY Dollar

Silly customer! You cannot hurt a Twinkie! – Apu When we were shopping for our dishwasher (now installed, about which more soon), I eliminated a specific large manufacturer from all our searches. I accidentally read specifications for one dishwasher from … Continue reading

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That Can’t Be Good

Licking an electrical outlet will not turn you into a Mighty Morphing Power Ranger. – Rock Bottom I am not a morning person, so I don’t mind east-to-west jetlag. It gives me a chance to see how the other half … Continue reading

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Chandelier (or Pendant) Swap

It’s that damn chandelier again! – Elton John When I found the vintage light fixture for our bedroom, it did not have its matching canopy with it. I got a little overexcited while craft shopping and MacGyvered a new ceiling canopy to blend … Continue reading

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Avoiding Ultimate Dehumidification

Mr. Burns: We need some excitement around here!Smithers: Chinese checkers or domestic, sir?Mr. Burns: No, no. Something fun. Something the men will enjoy… like a safety drill! But what kind? Meltdown alert? Mad dog drill? Blimp attack? Ah…I think a … Continue reading

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Switch Season

As we finished tiling the backsplash, I started to think about plates to cover the switches and outlets. I had a vague notion that there must be some vintage or retro-style wall plates that would go well with the tile. … Continue reading

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Tile Tile Tiley Tile 2

I finished tiling the backsplash. As I previously posted, I generally followed online tutorials for tiling kitchen backsplashes like this one. I started this tile project by tiling the middle of the wall where no tiles needed to be cut, which … Continue reading

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Tiny Tweaks

The way you put it, it sounds so perfect. But it’s not. – Homer Simpson Sometimes, I look at this place and don’t see how far we’ve come, but how far there is to go. Our attic project stalled (more … Continue reading

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Good-Looking LED Lights

40,000 Watt Energy Miser Lighthouse Lightbulb – The Simpsons We are in the process of changing over our lighting from CFL and incandescent bulbs to LEDs. We started with the lights that we use the most. The kitchen fixture came … Continue reading

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Cabinet of Dreams, Part II: Light My Fire

In the first part of this series, I talked about how we wanted to build cabinetry and a fireplace in our sitting room. First we considered which type of fire to install. The main options were: A real fire or … Continue reading

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A Frayed Knot

Doll: I’m Krusty the Klown and I’m going to kill you! Homer: Heeheehee! Didn’t even pull the string that time. – The Simpsons When I squared up the Princess Leia frame the other day, I worked by faint, cold light filtering … Continue reading

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