Super 3D Christmas Paper Crafts

Let me see…that’s three Christmases I saved…eight I ruined…two were kind of a draw.

– Homer Simpson

Last Christmas, I went bonkers with old-school paper chains hither and yon. The Kev saw my paper chains and raised me 3D paper ornaments. Since our decorating this year is lacking comparable motivation, I decided to revisit this fun and festive project.

Christmas living room

These paper Christmas decorations are really easy and result in a great look that would work with all sorts of holiday decorating styles–all you need is construction paper and a glue stick.

I found a great video that shows how these are done. The hostess shows you how to make a bunch of these into a mega-decoration, but to do the individual ornaments that we used, you only need to watch the video up to about 2:45.


We experimented by cutting the strips different widths. Kev made some with ½” wide ribs.

Orange Christmas ornament

And some with ¾” wide ribs.

Blue Christmas ornament

Making the ribs narrower or wider can change their number and the intricacy of the finished piece.

Purple Christmas ornament

Our visitors all liked our crafty Christmas ideas, so this was fun, festive and gratifying!

Christmas ceiling decor

This would be a fun thing to do with kids, and you can make them as homey or as fancified as you like. Happy decorating!

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