Behold the Awesomeness of My Man

Oh, Homie!

– Marge Simpson

Quick like a bunny before he notices this post title and changes it*, take a look at what the Kev did. Remember the knee walls were pushed back, leaving gaps in the floor?


Think anyone will notice?

We pulled up some of the floor elsewhere and Kev wove it into the existing bedroom floor to cover the gap. Like a boss!

Patched in floor? Where?

Patched in floor? Where?

There are a fair few videos and guides out there for how to do this job, but you’ll need patience, determination, and attention to detail to be successful (which is why I was not involved). Check out these references for detailed instructions:

First thing, he randomized the existing boards by cutting them into strips with a circular saw.


He chiseled in an edge and pried out the pieces.


Eventually, the whole edge was randomized and ready for added boards.

This project killed our Shop Vac; this one is the replacement.

This project killed our prior Shop Vac; this one is the shiny replacement.

Kevin de-nailed the salvaged boards and cut them each to length, used a mallet to push them up tight against the other edge and the side boards, then face-nailed them, long into the night.


Immediately after he finished, the drywallers started, so this is the best picture I have of the entire finished product so far:

Bottom left corner is where we pulled boards that were installed around closet walls; the fancy patches are set off nicely by the drywall dust.

In the bottom left corner, you can see where we pulled boards that were installed around closet walls and relocated; the fancy patching in the bedroom is set off nicely by the drywall dust.

But here’s another look at the first finished corner, which gives a better idea:


This looks so great that I want to find more of this stuff and add to it in the reading room too! Hot tip for locals: flooring is in the basement at Bauer Brothers (but look out for nail-studded pieces on the floor waiting for you to step on them; don’t take your kids).

Yay, Kev!

* I asked him if he wanted to change the post title, and he said, “Well, it’s out there now.” I asked if he liked my bragging about him, and he said he did not. So expect less effusiveness in future!

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