My Bad

Things were said, mistakes were made. Let’s end this madness and get on with our lives.

– Homer Simpson

Best first line of a YouTube instructional video ever: “If you’re lookin’ at this video, that means you made a mistake like I did.”

Yep, that’s right. I was super-messy when putting down floor tiles, and I need to remove some mortar spots. (SOME?! Ok, several. MANY. Shut up! Like you never made a mistake. Pffffft.)

I went to YouTube because scraping off mortar with a razor blade is more punishment than I think I deserve (even though I’m pretty annoyed with myself). This short and sensible video covers dried grout, but I have high hopes.


Note that the guy says in the comments that a finer-grade nylon brush would have been a better choice. That’s the one I’m going to be looking for when I go out shopping tomorrow (along with some acetone as suggested by a commenter).

Anyway, the work continues…


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