Every Little Helps

Homer: Aw, twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut!
Homer’s Brain: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.
Homer: Explain how!
Homer’s Brain: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

– The Simpsons

If you are in the vicinity of a Menard’s and have basic planning skills, you are in for a treat (depending on your definition of “treat”). They are having one of their 11% deals, only better. If you shop there, you know how these work: go in, buy almost anything you might want (with some exclusions), and send in your receipt for an 11% rebate.



The rebate is a merchandise credit, but if you shop at Menard’s a lot, that’s as good as cash money! We’ve always sent in for these rebates and really like the program. But Menard’s is offering something new this time–you can buy gift cards and receive a rebate.

I stood in the store, slightly stunned. “Gift cards don’t have to be gifted,” I mused. If I could figure out how much we were going to spend at Menard’s for the next project, we’d save 11% using an ungifted gift card. AND if we used it during another sale or rebate promotion, it would be even better. A gift to ourselves!

There had to be a catch. I went to check-out and grabbed a gift card. Before buying it, I interrogated the cashier. “The rebate applies to the card, right? And I can use the card for other sales? And the card doesn’t expire in a week or anything?” I turned into that supposedly famous guy in the Arby’s ads.


“Really?? REALLY???” (If this is legendary detecting, I’m the bloody queen.)

Anyway, it’s REALLY true. But for it to be a good deal, you have to:

  • Send in the rebate form on time (get the form in store or at the rebate center on theirĀ site).
  • Use (and do not lose) the rebate form when you receive it.
  • Use (and do not lose) the gift card.

So there’s some minor organization and safekeeping required. If you can do that, then it’s a heckuva deal. Hie thee to Menard’s! (I’m the queen, remember?)

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