Too Much of a Good Thing Can Look Goofy

All right! The mummy’s ready for his mystical journey.

– Jimbo

What do you suppose this is?

first tree

Abstract shrine? Modern garden ornamentation? Thin conduit to nowhere?

To explain, first let me ask: did you know that over half the world’s rabbit population lives in North America? They do! Of those, a full 37% live in our garden. To avoid rabbit damage to my tiny espaliered apple trees last winter, I used tree wrap. I wound it farther up the trunks than I thought was necessary, and forgot about them until spring.

In the depth of winter, I don’t (and can’t) get over to the trees very much. It wasn’t until spring that I realized that the rabbits ate the bark off everything above the wrap on the shorter trees. Including the branches.

My reaction.

My reaction.

I had to replace all of them. So this year, I had an idea.



I’d just fully encase the shorter trees in tree wrap. It might not be ideal for the trees, but at least the damn rabbits won’t eat them!

little tree

We used to laugh at my grandmother over this sort of thing.

The taller trees got The Treatment as well, but I left the branches clear.

three trees

Why yes, that IS blue painter’s tape.

I imagine the Kev does a lot of private head-shaking.

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