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Well, duh!

– Mr. Burns

We’re running a little late for the clue bus today, on several fronts.

First, it seems that attic insulation is a good idea. Did you know about this?? The EPA doesWe do have attic insulation, but for many years, we’ve been meaning to add more. We’ve hemmed and hawed about the issue for some time, thinking that a possible attic conversion might alter insulation plans. We wouldn’t want to throw all that money away, would we? Turns out, it was much cheaper than I expected, and it only took about a half-hour to throw down more batts. I dithered for years over NOTHING.

Insulation is a good idea–check! But buying insulation on Black Friday is a bad idea. I was looking for a sale on insulation, and I found one! It started Friday after Thanksgiving! How bad could it be? I thought. It’s not as if Menard’s is one of the central attractions for Black Friday shoppers.

Well, color me surprised. Arriving at Menard’s on Black Friday was a little like being a regular churchgoer on Easter. Who do all THESE people think they are?! Menard’s had aisles-full of cheap toys, small appliances and holiday decor — oh, and people — that made maneuvering a trolley loaded with R-38 batts a tricky proposition. Plus, they were not the experienced and cooperative DIY shoppers I’ve come to expect. At one point, I caused a small insulation avalanche, but the complacent knot of people shuffling past just watched it happen. I AM NOT THE FLOOR SHOW, PEOPLE!

Stack 'em high, try not to pull them down on yourself (via).

Stack ’em high, try not to pull them down on yourself (via).

If I’d looked further, I would have realized that the sale is on through Sunday. There was no need to brave the Friday crowds. There was no need to do it today at all! Dang it.

On our return to the house, it took us a little while to realize that cats and insulation don’t mix. Having the attic spaces open is always an invitation to adventure for the cats. At a moment of insulation-wrangling frustration, the Kev dubbed Cat 1 “Mayya the Unhelpful Cat” — much to my amusement. Because she must be the only unhelpful one of the species! Think of all those intrepid cats striding through the mountains with brandy flasks, or finding survivors in disaster zones. Law enforcement cats! Sheep herding cats! Truly, the economy would grind to a halt without them.

What? We're holding down this blanket. It's important work.

What? We’re holding down this blanket. It’s important work.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day clue-wise!

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