Home Improvement Resolutions for 2013

I resolve to lose 10 pounds, and then gain it back by Valentine’s Day.

– Homer Simpson

Spending New Year's Eve with a 10-year-old requires a bright approach to beverages.

Spending New Year’s Eve with a 10-year-old requires a bright approach to beverages.

I emailed the Kev today with a proposed list of projects for 2013. Nothing is all that urgent, but I want to have some focus and direction this year. Tangents are so easily gone off on.

    Strip and refinish porch floor
    Replace front porch railings
    Reconfigure work room
    Decide what to do with the upstairs
    Crown moulding in bedroom, living/dining room
    Update wiring on one circuit (maybe dining room)
    Repair front windows

Ten minutes later, I emailed again:

    Also, countertops

Kevin replied:

    Yes, all that and the porch door.

The porch door!  I forgot!  And it felt like I was forgetting something else.  A couple of hours later, I replied:

    Also, I’m recovering the couch.

Then while we were making dinner, Kev said, “Should we put the closet door expansion on the list? I don’t think it would be so bad once we started.”

There is just No End! And there are so many little things besides these top-of-head thoughts. Must remember to breathe deeply and enjoy the process. ENJOY IT, DAMMIT!

In the interest of process enjoyment, I’ve winnowed down the list.

  1. The Upstairs: Our half-storey upstairs is basically one huge room, and was finished in the 1950s with no real work since. At the least, we need a Plan, whether or not we start executing it. The Plan will impact what happens with the roof, which needs new shingles soonish.
  2. The Porch: The floor, door, and stair railings are all manageable projects that will address real desires we have for the space.
  3. The Closet: We have tiny closets. The one in our bedroom runs for quite a distance inside the wall, but the space isn’t really usable. If we opened up the wall and installed folding doors (nice ones!), we might actually have a place to put clothes–a serious annoyance right now.
  4. The Countertops: We also have a tiny (but perfectly formed) kitchen. I have a hankering to replace the laminate that reminds me of our troublesome tenants.
  5. The Couch: We love our sofa! It is so comfortable! And sofas are spendy! But this one is looking sad. Point and laugh as I attempt to make it a slipcover!

Certainly, other things will happen, but these are the biggies for 2013. Deep breath…and off we go.

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