Rabbits of Unexpected Size

Simpsons_Collection_VHS_-_Call_of_the_SimpsonsAfter learning of the rabbit-based tree devastation, the Kev and I bought a live trap. Out cunning plan was to relocate whatever rabbits we could catch to a nice nearby conservation area, thereby at least reducing the overall number of sharp, pointy teeth in and near the garden.

We set the trap up with carrots and parsnip parings. First night, nothing.

Tonight, Kev came into the house and said, “We caught a rabbit…? But it’s really little.”

My response: “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!?”

So tough!

Neither one of us wanted to relocate a juvenile rabbit. It just didn’t seem fair. Kev had just looked at the cage from across the yard, so we went back out there with a light and approached the trap for a better look.

“That’s…not a rabbit.”

I’ve never seen such an exasperated squirrel. He seemed fully aware that our scenario was not going to plan, and aggravated that we had inconvenienced him. He¬†might as well have been tapping his foot while I struggled to open the “quick release door.” Once freed, he sauntered out like a candidate for Most Dignified Rodent.

It’s possible the rabbits and squirrels are working together on this thing.

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