And The Winner Is…US!

Recapping our day’s top story, the winner of today’s state lottery is … me, Kent Brockman! Can we get a shot of me?

– Kent Brockman

This summer, I entered the This Old House sweepstakes. TOH allowed you to enter once a day online, so I did. It took about five clicks each time, no biggie. “I’m going to be really annoyed when we don’t win anything after all this tiring CLICKING!” I joked, each and every day. The Kev says it never gets old, being married to me.

Anyway, long story short, we won something!

Specifically, we won a set of Senco power tools. After reading through the included tools, we were quiet for a moment before I shouted, “THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE OUR LIVES!” and Kev exclaimed, “I KNOW!!!!” Then we did a small dance.

Once everything arrived, it was all our power tool Christmases come at once.

Christmas Morning (Senco)

We received two pneumatic nailers (15 gauge and 23 gauge) with a compressor, a cordless power screwdriver, and a cordless 18 gauge nailer (I didn’t even know there WAS such a thing!), plus associated batteries and fasteners. Senco has no idea I’m writing this post, so it’s completely unsolicited when I say they were really generous.

We promptly set to work trying everything out, and we learned about some features that are worth seeking out in your power tool shopping. The compressor and nailer were put to immediate use fixing up the door frame for our new storm door. We also put together a Cat Food Containment Structure out of scrap wood. What, you might ask, is a CFCS? It’s a big wood tray that prevents Kibble Underfoot Syndrome (KUS). The Kev tacked the CFCS together with the nailer, and then it was time to try the power screwdriver.

Look at this thing. Look at it!

Power Screwdriver

Two things: thing one, the only downside here is that the strips of screws aren’t long enough to wear bandolier style.

mexican-rebels-7And thing two, one of the major upsides is that it bears more than a passing resemblance to a blaster.


Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good power screwdriver by your side, kid.

I filmed the Kev securing the edge of the CFCS with the screwdriver. Our delight is obvious, although the Kev’s is better-articulated; I mostly make hooting sounds.

It’s unbelievable how fast it sinks these screws! Sheetrock, you have met your match. The automatic feed makes using a drill to drive screws seem medieval.

Here’s another bad-ass thing: a battery-powered nailer.

Cordless Nailer

Nailers I’ve used fire once per trigger-pull, but this unit is higher-grade and has a wonderful option. You can choose to have it fire only on triggering, or set it so you can pop in nail after nail each time you hit the surface.

Switch it to the row of nails and you're good to go.

Switch it to the row of nails and you’re good to go.

You can also set a countersink depth instead of setting each nail. We tried all this out on some scrap wood (the screwdriver made short work of the CFCS). Here’s me having a go (the skirt + bare feet + power tool look is pretty typical).

More hooting! For good reason. Thanks, Senco and TOH! You made our DIY hearts sing!

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