Salvage Shops: Art & Architecture, Minneapolis

My cans! My precious antique cans!

– Can collector, The Simpsons

When I had my doorknob snafu last week, the Kev and I packed up the car and headed over to Art & Architecture in Minneapolis.

Art and Arc

Art & Architecture, 3338 University Ave. S.E., Minneapolis

Art & Architecture is one of our favorite salvage places. It’s a good source for door hardware (the aforementioned knob set), cabinet knobs (glass pulls for the vanity makeover) and switch plates (many replacement covers). But they also have doors and windows and mantels and lighting and….

This Salvage Place Goes on Forever

…more lighting. Also a pulpit and a canoe.

Like a lot of salvage places, it’s something of a hot mess. There aren’t really departments, and few items have price tags. One time I was wandering through the door storage area when I tripped and fell into another room (still part of Art & Arc — not Narnia or anything).

Antiques and Salvage

Fortunately, the staff are always interested in what you are looking for and will help you find your way.

Check it out -- large letters. I believe that's on trend, as the kids say.

Large letters. I believe that’s “on trend”, as the kids say.

The stuff we are usually shopping for is in the warehouse-y back end of the store. But the building also has a couple of antique dealers, and the shop entrance is full of statement items and great vignettes.

Art and Architecture Vignette

I find the stuff nearer the front somewhat pricey, but it’s not out of line for what you’d find at an antique dealer, and the stuff is pretty great. (I also suspect these prices are not etched in stone.) The more “commoditized” stuff — hardware, light shades, doors — is generally priced in line with other salvage places in town, or maybe slightly higher.

The place itself is conveniently located — about smack-dab in the middle of the whole conurbation — and I just recently figured out that they have parking in the back. I’d been parking down the way and hiking in all these years! They are only open until 5:00 on weekdays but they are open both Saturday and Sunday until 5:00 as well, and that’s usually when we hit them.

But I’d be lying like a rug if I didn’t confess one thing:

JWO  Cupcake

Cupcake! (via)

Pastry is one of the big reasons I like the place. The award-winning Cupcake bakery is across the lobby from Art & Architecture, which makes it a perfect Saturday afternoon salvage destination. A little browsing, a little coffee and cake — it’s a nice way to spend a lazy day.

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