Wanna See Something Permanent?

Fiddle-dee-dee. That will require a tetanus shot.

– Homer Simpson

CM-BASIL-FAWLTY-BANDAGEDToday at work, I showed a co-worker my thumb. “Check out my cool blood blister!” I said. “Doesn’t it look like there’s some sort of weird worm under my skin?”

“WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!” she hollered in response. (To be fair, her response is the answer to that very question.) “Who goes to ‘this looks like a subcutaneous worm’!!?”

Well, me, obviously (I read a lot of genre). The reason it looked like a worm is because the pad of my thumb got pinched lengthwise when I was clamping down a piece of trim on a shelf. It always pays to know the whereabouts of your thumb.

My thumb-worm is the most recent in a spate of DIY-related scrapes and bruises, all of which have been fortunately minor and not really painful. But it made me realize that most of my (fortunately small) scars are from home improvement accidents … and that I am unduly proud of each and every one. I need to find a DIY equivalent for the scar-comparison scene from Jaws!

Between the minor injuries and work (and boasting about minor injuries at work), it’s a little crazy around here, but we are managing to make a little progress with ongoing projects. Including the Neverending Bedroom Project Story. Details to come.

Stay safe out there, people. (And if you want to compare injuries, meet me in the comments section!)

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