Sudden Sanding Sense

Make sure it’s squished flat, and crunchy on the outside.

– Homer Simpson

You ever have one of those moments of complete clarity about something you never understood before? I had one of those about sanding. Really!

If I’m not using a palm sander, I usually just grab a piece of sandpaper and sand without attaching it to a block. I find sanding blocks a little fiddly to load up with paper, and just grabbing a piece is so easy. Plus, I didn’t really see the point!

"Preppin' Weapon" from

The “Preppin’ Weapon” from

I was reading Young House Love the other day, and Sherry was talking about touching up a wall after applying spackle:

After it dried (I usually wait about 5 hours just to be sure), I got my sanding block again. I prefer a block since it has straight edges which can help you keep your wall straight instead of ending up with something wavy and pitted.



I was blind but now I see! I never thought of that before. So THAT is why they are able to sell sanding blocks, with comic names and otherwise.

So thanks to Young House Love for that insight. It was probably totally obvious to everyone else, so I’m glad to be in on the secret now.

Anyone have something DIY that made no dang sense … until it suddenly made perfect sense?

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