It Isn’t Easy: Choosing Green Paint

Oh, figs.

– Lisa Simpson

Post-sanding: prettiest day ever.

Post-sanding: prettiest day ever!

I finished sanding and priming the walls in the bedroom, and was looking forward to slapping a few paint samples on the wall. I’d followed my usual paint selection techniques, and I had three test samples to try:

Tint of Green was a good match for an inspiration picture I’ve been loving on for awhile now. Filmy Green was a much lighter version of the color we already had (and liked). Prescott Green caught my eye on The Decorologist — a color she uses beautifully in her own home.

I was expecting to be seduced by the perfect green out of these three finalists.

"Pick me," our paint would whisper alluringly.

“Pick me,” our paint would whisper alluringly.

I put the samples on the wall, full of anticipation, and…

"Your expectations were overstated," gumbled Oscar.

“Your expectations were overstated,” gloated Oscar.

…paint sample FAIL. Instead of being drawn to the most beautiful of three tempting tones, I was confronted with three colors that, while lovely in other settings, just did not look like they would work in our room. Just to complicate matters, I ran out and picked up two more samples: Benjamin Moore HC-141, Hollingsworth Green, and HC-120, Van Alen Green. Those went up as well, and then I let everything get good and dry before peeking again.

green 1 green 2 green 3

They all improved with a longer dry time (although I’m having trouble getting them to photograph with any accuracy). First day impressions:

  • Prescott Green is probably out — it’s not as clean and pretty in our room as it is at the Decorologist’s place.
  • Tint of Green is a pale green, but it is kind of ELECTRIC(!!!) in artificial light, so it’s probably out.
  • Filmy Green…I like it…it’s a little boring…maybe boring is good? I don’t know.
  • Van Alen Green and Hollingsworth Green — both bear further observation (and maybe bigger swatches).

The Kev, always helpful, says, “They are all nice.”

Why stop at five (5!) samples?! Anyone have suggestions?

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