Bedroom: Minty Fresh?

Lisa: Mmmm, smells like mint!
Homer: Oh, I spit my gum in there.

– The Simpsons

We are now working on the bedroom walls and ceiling, touching up the plaster and woodwork. I’ve also finished staining and sealing the storage bed (pictures to follow). Layering those two tasks led me to a discovery.

tikigiki_people-woman-002DIY Ladies! 

Wood stain embedded in your cuticles…again?

Tired of all that scrubbing and bleeding?

Just follow this hot tip instead! Have a mastic manicure. Just cover your nails in caulk, let dry and peel off!


I really need to be better about wearing gloves.

After the walls are prepped and primed, it will be nearly time for paint. Our bedroom is kind of a mid-range gray-green right now, and we want to stay green but go lighter. Using my paint-picking method, I’ve got three good possibilities, now reduced to samples I will put on the wall after the primer is up.

One of them is a light mint-green. This may change when I see it on the wall, but right now, it’s the color I’m most drawn to. It’s a close match to the upper walls in this photo, maybe a bit lighter:

As seen basically everywhere on the internet, but my research says it originally came from House & Garden magazine, sometime in 2009.

As seen basically everywhere on the internet, but my research says it originally came from House & Garden magazine, sometime in 2009.

I like how this shade contrasts with the dark woodwork, which is so like what we have in the hallway leading to the bedroom. And our hardware will be gold-toned. It could work, right??

I want a color that makes me feel happy like our crisp aqua bathroom does, and this color does that. But I’m worried we’ll tire of mint in a hurry. I’ve been perusing a lot of pictures to check my tolerance. This one is brighter than I’m thinking, but still pretty. (I think I’m the only blogger who isn’t gaga over the sunburst mirrors. They’re fine, I guess, but do they need to be in every room?)

This is brighter than I'm thinking, but still pretty.

Source unknown: it seems to be everywhere.

This next one is a more sedate shade. This was actually a “before” picture on HGTV, but it is a good demonstration of the color.

This was actually a "before" picture on HGTV I picked for the paint colour.

I like mint against lots of white as in this next shot.

From Michaela Noelle Designs

Fresh and bright, from Michaela Noelle Designs

Of course, once I slap some on the wall to check, I might hate it. But is it silly even to consider? Would it be too girly for a master bedroom? Too bright? Too much like living in a toothpaste palace? All opinions welcome!

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