The Best Housecleaning Advice, Ever!

I can’t believe it. I’ve done all my housework, and it’s only 9:30. Well, better go upstairs and make sure the beds are still made.

– Marge Simpson

Our house gets messy when there’s a project on. Temporarily relocated furniture everywhere, tools on random surfaces — the chaos just breeds. Our usual chore roster doesn’t cut it.

Like this, minus the Wookie.

Like this, minus the Wookie.

Clutter makes both of us nuts, and I hit my limit today and went on a cleaning spree. For some reason, it’s typically only when I’m in a cleaning frenzy that I remember the best tidying tip I ever heard (from my mother, naturally):

Don’t leave a room empty-handed.

If you are walking through the dining room, pick up the tablecloth and drop it in the laundry; in the laundry, grab the clean clothes and take them to the bedroom. In the bedroom,  grab the mugs and drop them in the kitchen. Pick up the gel stain and polyurethane languishing in the kitchen (seriously) and set them in the workroom.

Usually tidying involves lots of just walking from place to place. If I make an effort in each room to look around and grab a few things that belong in the next room I’m headed to, it all gets done so much faster.

So YAY, MOM! for an enduring piece of advice, even if I only remember it when I’m on the edge of a clutter-induced nervous breakdown.

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