Don’t Mind My Dust: Keeping Renovation Mess to a Minimum

Let’s take a look … inside the containment dome!

– Radioactive Man

"I love Project Mode!" (copyright obviously Charles Schulz)

“I love Project Mode!” (copyright obviously Charles Schulz)

We are formally in “Project Mode,” which means that the house is somewhat less orderly than usual — more general messiness, less resistance to convenience foods, more feline demands for reassurance (they don’t like change!).

One thing the Kev and I both really dislike about Project Mode is the dust. Sanding, drilling and sawing all contribute to more grit in the air. We try to keep the dust corralled, but usually haven’t been very successful. Worst case was when we broke down the concrete porch — the whole outdoors wasn’t enough of a containment area to keep dust from covering everything in the house. If you’ve ever tried to keep dust from home improvement out of the way, you know our pain.

This time, though, Kev improved on our usual plastic-sheeting-curtain model, and we’re seeing very little dust outside the Project Zone. Usually we throw some sheeting over the door, but for this project, Kev created a little plastic lobby area.

Viva duct tape!

Viva duct tape!

It’s sealed top and bottom and uses the door as an extra layer, rather than as a dust-distributing fan mechanism, as was our habit.  

Little Plastic Entrance

To get in, after first closing the door(!), one squeezes between two tape-secured flaps that lie against each other. Low-rent rebirthing therapy! A towel on the floor inside the flap helps keep foot-dust down.

This is so much better than unsealed butcher curtain approximations we’ve used. Get yourself a little plastic lobby, and breathe easier!

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