Say It Without Flowers

Aw, come on, gravity — you used to be cool.

– Homer Simpson

I mentioned last month that we joined the Apartment Therapy January Cure. We’re on Day 3, and one of the directions for this weekend is to buy some flowers.

Flowers do freshen the place up. But if I haven’t mentioned it before…we have Cats.

Plotting against us

Ever vigilant, ever prepared

Or they have us.

Cats and cut flowers are not a great combination. First, many common florist selections (particularly lilies) are poisonous to cats. But if it comes in the house, it needs to be checked, and mostly orally.

Fortunately, though, there are many selections that make for acceptable noms.

  • Flowers for Cat Lovers (on the Natural Cat Care Blog) lists roses, sunflowers, snapdragons, Gerber daisies, and zinnias as safe options.
  • What Flowers are Safe for Pets (on suggests camellias, roses, marigolds, or bachelor’s buttons.
  • Most definitive, though, is the ASPCA Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants list, which is sortable by cat, dog, and other animals. It contains all plant types, not just cut flowers.

Other Cure participants recommend silk flowers, potted or cut herbs, and colorful fruit as ways to freshen up your home while protecting your cats.

But even having selected safe flowers, the curiousity issue remains. I’ve never had cut flowers without the risk (and often reality) of capsize. The containers I have on hand are tall or narrow and therefore cat-susceptible. I considered finding one of those hideous flared coffee mugs from the 1980s, but maybe there’s a better solution…

Ikea Varlikt Vase: feline resistant?

Ikea Varlikt Vase: feline resistant?

…from Ikea? Pretty! But low and grounded. Could a cat still roll this vase like a drunk and go through its pockets? It would be nice to have worry-free flowers. I like this “buying nice things” part of the Cure. I’m focusing less on the “mop your floors” part at the moment.

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