Cheap and Cheerful Christmas Crafts

Let me see… that’s three Christmases I saved… eight I ruined… two were kind of a draw.

– Homer Simpson

This year, Stacey decided to go with old-fashioned homemade paper chains for our Christmas decorations. She bought a big wadge of multicolored construction paper and glue sticks, drafted a nephew, and commenced festooning.

This set me thinking that maybe I could make some different decorations with construction paper. In traditional style, I began Googling home made paper Christmas decorations (except I probably didn’t capitalize Christmas).

I found a few different ideas, but most of them were a bit too two-dimensional: snowflakes, that kind of thing. I found the most interesting ideas in the Christmas section of a site devoted to archeology, of all things. These paper Christmas decorations are both easy to make and visually striking. (Update: the instructional link we had here is broken! Check out the video in our updated post instead for a good how-to.)

Home made paper christmas decorations

Our homemade paper Christmas decorations

It was fun to experiment by cutting the strips different widths. I made some with ½” wide ribs.

home made paper christmas decoration

An orange one with half-inch ribs

And some with ¾” wide ribs.

home made paper christmas decoration

A blue one with three-quarter inch ribs

Of course, making the ribs wider reduces their number.

home made paper christmas decoration

They look interesting from different angles.

All our visitors have been very complimentary about our crafty Christmas ideas.


A totally different look for our Christmas decorations for this year. I hope you have as much fun decorating as we did.

Wishing you and yours all the best for the holiday season and hoping you have a very merry Christmas.

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