It’s Our Tricenbloggial!

Hey, are you still here?

– Lenny

This is our 300th post!


If you hang around here (and if so, welcome and thanks!), you know that we’re blog hobbyists (blobbyists?) with full-time jobs — pushing out 300 posts over 2.4 years is actually something to celebrate.

Here are a few random items since the last time we marked a milestone.

Project Cage Match

Every day, it’s a toss-up between the floating bedside table and the fake fire crackler for the most page views.

bedside fireplace

Later this year, we’re going to wire a floating fire table for sound and break this corner of the internet.

Biggest Blogging Sin

rocky horror waiting

So, anyway, this bedroom project…

We should really stick to one project until it’s done. But at least we’re giving you a good idea of a realistic old-house DIY pace for people with day jobs and a long to-do list.

(You buying that?)

Favorite Negative Comment

“Eat poop.”

ugly baby

Apparently, we really aggravated someone!

Our Favorite Post Since the Last Time We Picked a Favorite Post

The Kev is a practical man, so he likes the time I saved the house from burning down by being a light sleeper prone to noise-induced panic.


Something in this picture is about to go very wrong.

As for me, the project I’m grateful for every day is our DIY quartz counters.


No pain, no gain.

Most Surprising Traffic Spike

Doh on AT

Apartment Therapy unexpectedly used our floating table project in a post, which was gratifying and fun. Before we realized they’d done that, though, we had five or six outlier-traffic theories in quick succession, including one involving Skynet. Thanks, AT!

And thank you for stopping by! It’s very much appreciated. If there’s something you’d like to read about here before our next random sortofversary, please drop us a line.

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