The Bedroom Project Marches On

Donde esta mi tequila?

– Pedro the Bumblebee Man

We’re still sleeping in Ben’s room. Meanwhile, next door…

1.  Closet Framing, Floor and Doors

The closet opening is all framed in and trimmed.

bed progress 6

The nail holes have been filled, but need to be sanded, then it’s priming/painting time.

bed progress 5

Hey, also? I just remembered that the shelf between the closet and the cabinets is in! You can see the underside in the picture above (primed, but still needs painting).

And the floor has been patched.

bed progress 1

I think the lawn chair is a good addition!

We are halfway through deciding whether to proceed with floor refinishing now or later. We had been going to do just this room for now, but it probably makes more sense to do both bedrooms and the hallway in one fell swoop. After reading about the fun they are having with floor sanding at Little House on the Corner, I’m thinking maybe that job could wait.

The doors are almost completely painted — just one more coat with the foam roller.

bed progress 7

More on installing the doors soon. (Update: read about it here.)

2.  Walls and Woodwork

I finished patching and priming the walls and the first coat of Benjamin Moore Hollingsworth Green is up!

bed progress 2

I also finished patching most of the ceiling (leaving the middle so I can patch the HUGE HOLE that will be left when we move the light fixture at the same time), and I primed and painted around the outer edge … to facilitate moulding installation.

bed progress 3

I’ve also scraped the bad bits of paint on the base/skirting boards, so next is cleaning that up and priming. And painting.

bed progress 4

I was thinking that I would also pop out our original windows and restore them. You know, just pop them out and completely restore them, as you do. No biggie! Like the floor, that might end up waiting. They’re still going to be there later.

3.  Furniture and Fixtures

I mentioned the bed is pretty much done, and I’ve started installing the drawer glides. I’m also updating a vanity table and making a floating bedside table. I bought curtain fabric, as well as black-out lining for Roman shades — just gotta make those now.

I’m restoring an old ceiling fixture, which will either be for this room or another, but either way, we need to move the box for the ceiling light, so hopefully we’ll get on that this week. I was going to add a couple of new sockets to the room, but as with the floor refinishing and the windows, that might have to wait until later.

Can’t have all the fun at once!

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