Resolved: No Resolutions for 2014. Except These.

On the other hand, who’s to say what’s right these days, what with all our modern ideas and products?

– Homer Simpson

Yesterday, I said we weren’t going to have any New Year’s resolutions for the house, given our pathetic completion record for 2013.

Ok, but we do have priorities. Those aren’t really resolutions, right? Priorities speak to the most basic issues with the property–making it more energy-efficient, organized, and secure. They are:

  1. Window Repair: I took a class on how to make old windows weather-tight. That was in 2012. It’s time to prioritize making some of the most decrepit windows a bit more efficient.
  2. Organization: We need to clear out some of the junk we’ve accumulated upstairs and in the basement in order to take on some bigger projects.
  3. Fence Repair: Part of our privacy fence suffered frost heave several years ago. We really need to fix it.

None of these are exciting, but all of them are necessary.┬áPriorities aren’t really a night out on the town, are they? Boo! The not-so-secret secret of DIY (and DIY blogging) is that it’s not all dramatic overnight transformations. It involves a lot of mundane maintenance, planning, and budgeting.

Still, like resolutions, priorities can change or slip. Tune in this time next year to find out which ones were deprioritized. My money’s on organization drifting down the list!

Fortunately, the Kev makes even boring stuff fun. Bring it, 2014!

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