A Sesquicebloggial Special!

Happy anniversary, baby!

– Homer Simpson

Today is our first blogiversary, and this is our 150th post, so you know what that means: IT’S SESQUICEBLOGGIAL TIME!

Sesquicewhatial? Well, back in 1986, Texas celebrated its sesquicentennial–its 150th anniversary of just plain being Texas, first as its own country and then as a state. My Texan grandmother spoke of little else for the 18 months leading up to and encompassing the year in question. IT WAS A BIG OL’ DEAL!

Texas Sesquicentennial Buckle


It made quite an impression on my young and vulnerable mind (apparently). So at the intersection of one year and 150 posts, here’s a look back at a year of D’oh (and what’s next).

Our Most Popular Posts

The post with the most hits is my ode to screw-ups, These are a Few of My Favorite D’ohs. But those hits were clustered around a linked comment I made on Apartment Therapy, so it’s more of a sprinter than a marathoner. The top posts that reliably go the distance are:

Storage Bed in Progress

Double bracket close-up



By the way, that post’s title is a reference to Miller Lite ads from the 1970s — here’s one featuring a man named Bubba:


Our Favorite Post

But our favorite posts are not the most trafficked. One thing we love about sharing the blog is writing posts that we know will make each other laugh (if no one else). When I asked the Kev for his personal favorite of our posts, I was delighted that he was thinking of the same one I was: This-n-That.


Kev put that post together one day when I was out, and when he showed it to me, it cracked me up — the old-school signage with the Tab A/Slot B descriptions just fractured me. That post got almost no views, and there’s no reason it should have done — it’s got no search terms to speak of. But it’s like this blog — we just enjoy it so much.

Our Nebulous Plans 

Keep DIYing. Keep blogging. Keep being completely amused by the concept of blogging about DIY. That’s the plan!

Thanks for coming around and hanging out with us. The more the merrier!

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