Picking Paint Colors: The Right Brain Part

And now it’s time for Match Game 2034, with Billy Crystal!

– The Simpsons

paint chip bagSince our bedroom renovation is underway (and going well so far), it’s time to start thinking paint colors.

Who am I kidding? I’m never NOT thinking paint colors. I have a big ol’ bag of paint chips that I’ve collected over the years. The ever-expanding Chip Bag is a great conversation starter (no lie), but it’s also a good place to start sorting through colors.

But what if you have no specific direction in mind? You gotta start somewhere, so why not start with, “PRETTY COLOUR!!!! WANT WANT WANT!” Maybe that color isn’t on a paint chip. Well, hurrah for technology…

SpaceCadet Creations' unbelievable hand-dyed yarn translated to Sherwin Williams paint colors

SpaceCadet Creations’ unbelievable hand-dyed yarn translated to Sherwin Williams paint colors

Sherwin Williams offers LetsChipIt, which allows you to generate paint colors from a digital photo — either uploaded or found online. It’s great fun! I was in a winter-will-never-end funk the other night, but running SpaceCadet Creations’ yummy yarn colors cheered me up no end

Yarn 2

People, I don’t even knit, but SpaceCadet makes me want to start! The hand-dying (and photography) are so gorgeous.


SubmergeSherwin Williams gives you the paint color, name and number, and you can click on the colors online to play with them in their Color Visualizer feature (applying colors to a room).

Sherwin Williams isn’t the only game in town. Several paint makers have apps:

  • PPG has the Voice of Color app to match photos to the Pittsburgh Paints pallette.
  • Olympic Paints’ ColorClix gives matching and coordinating colors from your photos.  
  • Benjamin Moore offers the well-reviewed Color Capture app to pull colors from your images.

So the next time the color of the dusk sky softly calls your name … just whip out your phone and find out how to replicate it!


Special thanks to SpaceCadet Creations for being so nice about letting me use their images. And for cheering me up out here on the tundra. Give them a click!

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