The Best-Laid Plans of Stacey and The Kev

I’ve got a plan! A plan that’ll fix you good…

– Homer Simpson

We are in the midst of moving our stuff so we can (finally) renovate the master bedroom. It’s always funny to me that just before we create a huge cloud of dust and rubble, we need to spend time clearing and organizing stuff. To make room for the chaos, you see. We’re sliding next door into Ben’s room while the master is out of commission.

Before..hopefully the after won't take too long.

Before..hoping that after won’t take too long

We’ve never done much to our room — other spaces were a higher priority — but our exasperation finally put it on the to-do list. A few years ago, struggling with a lack of clothes storage, we purchased a Lane armoire (Craigslist!). It’s a nice piece of furniture, but it was a monumentally bad decision (mine) for our needs. Despite having more space than our prior dressers, it’s not great as drawer replacement. It’s dark inside, and clothes tend to draft toward the back, where they are even harder to see. We both end up with clothes draped on chairs and radiators so we’re not fumbling around in there all the time. Plus, it looms.

Looming near the bed

Looming near the bed

The petite orange velvet chair is a favorite of mine, but it’s not usually so easy to see.

Looming near the door

Looming near the door

There is a plenty-big closet in this room. The problem is, it has one little tiny door into it, so most of the space runs inside the wall and is not easily accessible. It’s where things that need to be organized go to die.

Behind this 24" door? Almost 90" of inaccessible closet.

Behind this tiny door and huge radiator? Almost 90 inches of virtually unusable closet storage.

So under the category “not before time” we’re going to do something about it! After we clear out, the plan is:

  1. Swap out the oversized radiator for a smaller unit.
  2. Remove the door and open up the wall so we can reframe the opening to install bifold and cabinet doors.
  3. Install new crown molding.
  4. Add a couple of new electrical outlets.
  5. Touch up room plaster and paint.
  6. Bring in a storage bed and swap out other furniture.
  7. New drapes, new lights, new bedding, etc.

No biggie, right?! Fingers crossed we’re done by summer. Will keep you posted.

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