Love in the Time of Radiator Repair

Marge: Homey, do you think the romance has gone out of our lives?
Homer: *belches*

– The Simpsons

© Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Dawn Hudson | Dreamstime

In February, This Old House ran a feature on why home improvement is good for relationships. Item 7 made me laugh: “You do more date nights — at the Home Depot.”

The Kev and I do have a proper night out from time to time — we do! — but it’s not unusual to find us at a hardware store on a Friday night. But particularly since Christmas and with winter wearing on, we’re going out less, even to Menards.

The cabin fever is starting to get to me, so my ears perked right up last night when Kev said, “On Saturday, maybe we should take a ride out…

“…to that plumbing supply house.”


It wasn’t what I was expecting him to say, but the thing is…I really do want to go to the plumbing place!

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