Introducing Our Cubic Yards to Bags Concrete Converter

Get five bags in case I eat four on the way home.

– Homer Simpson

Check out our new Cubic Yards to Bags Concrete Converter, for those times when you don’t need a truckload of ready-mix.

A little while ago, I was looking for online concrete calculators that work out how much concrete you need for any given project. Many of those calculators will work out the number of cubic yards (or cubic feet) you need for ordering ready mix, but what if you’re buying concrete in bags?

We normally buy bags of concrete, because it’s cheaper and more convenient for small projects. I tried to find a calculator that would convert cubic yards, or feet, to bags, but I didn’t have much joy. So I decided to make my own concrete bag calculator and put it online for anyone to use.

To use the concrete bag calculator, you enter the number of cubic yards or feet of concrete you need. If you aren’t sure, use either a formula for calculating volume or an online calculator. You can see our calculator recommendations by following the links below:

I hope this helps with your project planning. Happy mixing!

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