About Us


– Homer Simpson

Hello!  And welcome to the corner of DIY and Vine, Twin Cities, Minnesota.

This is the story of our home improvement escapades.

We’ve had our 1922 bungalow for over a decade. Our mission was to find and fix up a house in good structural condition and with, more or less, its original floor-plan.

My fearless husband (“the Kev”) is so handy it’s scary (former blacksmith, I kid you not).  I was brought up by resourceful folks whom I firmly believe had kids mainly to staff the dead-man.

If we don’t know how to do something, we figure it out (with some bumps and a fair bit of swearing along the way). We’re both hard-to-intimidate, stubborn cheapskates who believe in sweat equity. But even given all that . . . we really thought we’d be done by now. So, we are trying to embrace the journey, usually with good success.

So, why the blog? Well, in recent years, we realized that people—even people who don’t know us that well—make small talk by asking what we’re doing on the house lately. We decided we needed an outlet other than Random Unwilling People, and here we are.

Our hope is that, by sharing our experiences, we will give comfort, hope, and possibly practical help, to those lucky enough to be in a similar situation.

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